woensdag 22 februari 2017

Update 2016.1 : Nasa FInds 7 Earth like Planets versus SoulPainting for the World 2016.1

NASA Finds Solar System Of 7 Earth-Like Planets With Life Potential

Newly-discovered exoplanets around a nearby star 

could all have oceans of liquid water. (See picture of NASA below)

Vision 2016.1 soulpainting for the world (see above) made by my hand in 2016 shows 7 circles as a crown above the bigger circle in the center of the painting. During my vision it was told that other life would be found.  See the video via this link.

... and remember to stay united from within. 

When the vision 'Soulpainting 2016' is connected with NASA's discovery than for me it is clear there is life on these found planets.  There might be even more sprouting from this discovery which was shown to me during the vision in 2016.

Silence will tell.

maandag 2 januari 2017

SoulPainting & Message for You, The World in 2017 by HildegardeLisaFollon

"HildegardeLisaFollon reveals intuitively your innermost realms via the language of the heart. She paints your soul's message in color and word."( More info via http://mistapeois.blogspot.be & http://hildegardelisafollon.blogspot.be )

Each beginning of the year she also reveals the main trends which will occur during the whole year. Her language is universal and is translated into colors, symbols, images and poetry via her connection with the divine. The general command for 2017 is:

*Become a servant for the highest good for us all, so that global consciousness may uplift towards the oneness we are.*

*Beingness from the core is a loving and respectful soul that does do no harm towards himself, his fellow man, the animals and the earth.*

*2017 stands for the humble soul who stays faithful to the highest in us.*

See the video for more insight.

With love and gratitude,
Hildegarde Lisa Follon